About Us

The combined members of Integrated Care Alliance possess more than 200 years of proven experience providing services to many populations of Wayne County, Michigan.  Integrated Care Alliance has a proven record of embracing and implementing principles of person-centered, self-determined services and supports to persons with developmental disabilities

Our Vision

A recognized leader in achieving full community inclusion for the people we serve.


Our Mission

Exceptional access to comprehensivebehavioral health care.

Core Values

Excellent Customer Service

We deliver excellent customer service that is professional, prompt and customized to meet the needs of those we serve.

Outstanding Stewardship

We are known for quality management of supports and services along with the efficient and ethical management of financial resourcesand business operations.

Person and Family Focused Outcomes

We and our network of providers embraceperson centered planning, self-determination, choice, innovation and best practices to assist the persons and families we serve achieve their life goals.

Cultural Competency

Cultural diversity is valued, respected and incorporated into all service delivery and business practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who do I call for services?

Persons in need of services can call Integrated Care Alliance's Customer Service Department at 1-866-724-7544. 

Integrated Care Alliance's  Customer Service staff will help you to identify a Supports Coordinator if you do not already have one.  The Supports Coordinator will help you develop a Person-Centered Plan.

2. Does receiving services from Integrated Care Alliance affect my Medicaid medical benefits?

No. Integrated Care Alliance is a Manager of Comprehensive Provider Network (MCPN) contracting with an independent network of providers to meet your behavioral health needs.

3. How do I get into a residential program?

If you desire a residential program, that desire will be written into your Person-Centered Plan. Each person will be evaluated to determine what services are most necessary for him or her.  If residential is considered to be a necessary service, then as with all services supported by Medicaid, your other entitlements and ability to pay will be considered in deciding if there is a cost to you for this service. 

4. What is Person-Centered Planning?

Person-Centered Planning is a process which is focused on and controlled by a person receiving services.  (For more information, please see our DD Facts.)

5.  Why choose Integrated Care Alliance?

Integrated Care Alliance contracts with a comprehensive network providing the full array of support and services to persons with developmental disabilities in Wayne County.  Integrated Care Alliance's Providers have service sites easily accessible throughout the County.


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