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Staff Credentials (MH-WIN)

Hello All:

Per direction from the Detroit -Wayne Mental Health Authority (D-WMHA), each provider is required to input credentials, license and job functions of all Licensed Credentialed Staff into MH-WIN. Please follow the instructions as indicated below and on the attachment for inputting of credentials into MH-WIN

  1. Log onto MH_WIN
  2. Provider Management
  3. Provider Staff Directory (add new staff if applicable)
  4. Credentials
  5. Please Complete
    • Add Signature Credentials
    • Add License
    • Add Job Function.

Remember to always update as you get new staff, staff leave and or staff credentials change. Please have all of the information for required staff entered into MH-WIN no later than November 1, 2013. Once completed please email and or fax (313) 748-7405 the attached document to my attention indicating that your organization has entered the information as requested. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. As always, thanks for your continued efforts and support!

Tania N. Greason, MBA
Quality Management Director
Integrated Care Alliance
(866) 724-7544 ext. 125

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Autism Insurance Reform Law

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Adult Protective Services and Child Protective Services Abuse and Neglect Complaints

Please click here for information on Adult Protective Services and Child Protective Services Abuse and Neglect Complaints

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